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TRUE Control Technologies Inc. It is known that the founders and employees have many years of experience in this sector. TRUE Control Technologies Inc.’s employees at the same time work with all communication protocols and thus integrate different architecture and format systems into one common point. True employees provide you with methodical, contemporary, reliable solutions, helping you to use energy efficiently, save money, and share heat costs in a fair and legal manner.

What are we doing?

TRUE Control Technologies Inc. is able to offer all kinds of domestic and foreign products without compromising quality in order to provide "Building Automation" service in the most reliable way.

Energy saving

Automatic adjustment of water-air temperature, light intensity, on-off times, not doing of unnecessary heating, cooling, lighting, calculation of energy consumption

Routine Operation Controls

Setting of daily, weekly, hourly on-off programs, sequential operation of devices, ensuring equal abrasion, passing the auxiliary device in case of breakdown

Preventive Maintenance and System Continuity

Tracking of consumable and spare part’s life of electromechanics systems, keeping minimum spare part stocks, writing work orders in case of breakdown, detection of frequently malfunction systems

Center Qualified High-rise Building

TRUE Control Technologies Inc. gathers all technological systems of building under a single roof and integrates each other and ensures that it operates with the most correct scenario and with the lowest labor force.

Central Tracking and Control Systems

We, as TRUE Control Technologies Inc. , we ensure that facilities that are difficult to access and which do not have sufficient technical personnel can be accessed and enterprises can create a more effective management network with the centralized systems that we established.

Enterprises with Branch Network

We provide centralized monitoring, reporting and control of mechanical automation, lighting automation and energy monitoring automation systems.

Building Estates and Luxury (Smart) Houses

TRUE Control Technologies Inc. provides scalable, future-proof systems with user-friendly interfaces that are adapted to the truly adopted lighting automation solutions in luxury spaces, offering different approaches to simplify the complexity.

Android-iOS Automation System

In the True Control Intelligent Control System, devices communicate with the world standard Wi-Fi Wireless Communication Technology. In this way, while the infrastructure costs in construction projects are decreased, it offers the possibility of unapproved application in existing houses.

Remote Access and Control

Experience the comfort and safety of managing your home with mobile phones and tablets, even if you're abroad

Touch-operated IP Intercom System

It allows you voice and video conversation with your building estate, building, apartment entrance. Security cameras around the building can also be viewed through intercom devices, so you can monitor your environmental safety, your car in the parking lot or your child in the playground. You can voice communicate with the flats in your apartment and you can call the lift to your floor.

Smart Touch-operated Keys

In the TRUE Control Technologies Inc. Intelligent Control System, devices communicate with the world-standard Wi-Fi Wireless Communication Technology. In this way, while the infrastructure costs in construction projects are decreased, it offers the possibility of unapproved application in existing houses.

Cabled Modular Smart Home Systems

High-tech special economic solutions that you can run by offering fast and easy installation without changing the existing standard sockets and switches without affecting the existing design and infrastructure of buildings and without affecting the aesthetic appearance.

Low-voltage Current Systems

We supply, sell and install fiber optic products, provide after-sales service and 24/7 technical support.

Camera System

With the latest technology, we work systematically in your office, at home and elsewhere using equipment to ensure your safety.

Complated Projects

You can see the projects that our company has already been working on and existingly progressing projects below. Please contact us for other projects

Deniz Bank

System Integration and Top Management Systems

- KNX Lighting System (10.000 Point)
- Honeywell HVAC Automation System (1,000 Point)
- Daikin VRV System (1600 Indoor Unit)
- Heat Recovery Devices (400 Pieces)
- Energy Analyzers (400 Pieces)
- Energy Automation (200 Point)
- Creston System Integration (400 Point)
- Fire System

Capital City Moscow Tower

Lighting Automation

- All common lighting automation of 74 floors twin skyscraper, the tallest building in Europe
- In-office lighting automation, made by us.
- In the system used KNX / EIB communication
- Scade system is made through Tridium.

THY 3 nd Airport Buildings

Lighting Automation

-Integration of Lighting Automation and mechanical automation was realized.
-Necessary integrations were made for the system to work with Tridium.

Levent 199 Zorlu Tower

Mechanical Automation

- Control and monitoring automation of all mechanical and HVAC systems

Mall Of Antalya AVM

Mechanical Automation

-External facade DMX lighting control
-Value control -lighting on-off control
-Control and monitoring automation of all mechanical and HVAC systems

Gebze Workinn Otel

Mechanical Automation

- Control and monitoring automation of all mechanical and HVAC systems

Intertech Kurtköy

Mechanical Automation

- Lighting and facade automation
- Mechanical automation works

Les Ottomans Otel

Mechanical Automation

- Except for heating-cooling-ventilation control systems, a very comprehensive lighting control system was also completely created with Lonworks compatible products.
- With other than wet volumes, all the liners are under the control of Lon compatible dimmers. Motorized curtains, shutter, and windows are also connected to the system. Thanks to the lifestyle settings created from the moment the customers enter the room, they can choose the style they want.
- Fire alarm, security, CCTV, card entry and voice alarm system is the second important link of the system with BacNet compatible communication capability. It is easily possible to implement the most flexible scenarios thanks to the automation system and communication features-The project includes communication with Carrier cooling units, CNN bus, Viessmann boilers and Lonworks, frequency inverters and modbus communication. The project is maintained by True Control Technologies.

Okan University Hospital

Mechanical Automation

- 22 air handling units, 650 Fan-Coil unit automation
- 100 VAV automation
- 10 operating theater control panels with operating room control
- General circle and cooling system automation
- Adhesion automation integration
- Fire detection system integration
- Medical gas tracking, In addition, Okan University Social Facilities Mechanical Automation and Okan University Conference Building Lighting Automation were made by us

H&M Stores

Lighting Automation

- Mechanical Automation-Lighting Automation
- Energy Monitoring Automation systems in stores are made by us. All systems can be monitored and controlled from the head office.

Acıbadem Hospital

Mechanics Automation

Bursa Acıbadem Hospital, Kocaeli Acıbadem Hospital, Ataşehir Acıbadem Hospital, Kozyatağı Acıbadem Hospital BMS system has all heating, cooling, ventilation systems, operating room VAV boxes, all Fan-Coil units.

Low-voltage Current

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True Therm

Nowadays, many products that create infrared for healthy life are applied in more field.
You can learn more information about TRUE THERM® liquid Carbon applications by clicking on the DETAILED INFORMATION button below.
The fact that this new innovative product is a raw material and allows for applications in many fields also shows another positive aspect.

True ThermBMS

We have developed many software products under the umbrella of TrueBMS. The software we have created are products that facilitate the works of our customers and that are functional, dynamic in communication. As you can have it modularly, it is a structure that you can use in the feature that includes all modules.
You can visit TRUEBMS for more.

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